Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage Your Customer Relations Better

The CRM module is an advanced customer relationship management module. It is a fully featured contact manager, with an integrated email marketing and scheduling tool.The integrated Form Builder and the auto-responder offer a great lead generation tool with full tracking capability.Tthe WebJaguar CRM module comes fully integrated with the WebJaguar platform, whether you are using the website, online catalog or the fully featured ecommerce edition, the CRM module can be added a-la-cart. The CRM module can also be offered as a stand alone module that can be added to any website or any company who wishes to have a complete cloud based CRM solution for their business.


Highlights of the main features:

  • Account and Contact Manager: create new accounts, and add unlimited contact for each account
  • Ability to import Accounts
  • Ability to import a list of contacts and assign them to specific accounts
  • Ability to create users, and assign different roles to users
  • Ability to customize and configure the CRM module to your specific company need
  • Accounts can be assigned to different users
  • Contacts can be converted to Customers with a click
  • Customer data and CRM data are always synched
  • Ability to create unlimited custom fields with field type feature
  • Ability to create unlimited custom forms with auto-responders. These forms are put on lead capture pages with built-in tracking code. These forms have built in thank you page.
  • Ability to search filter on any data and search criteria in the CRM database and trigger and schedule email campaigns
  • Ability for users to check their tasks
  • Ability to schedule a task reminder
  • Ability for each user to see a list of the tasks when they login
  • Ability to create unlimited CRM Groups, for data segmentation
  • Ability to export Task List
  • Ability to Mass assign Tasks to users
  • Ability to create unlimited email templates, with dynamic variable, and schedule and send these email campaigns based on any search criteria in the CRM database. The email template generator comes with html editor with 100% control of the template as well as fully integrated with spam compliance law and unsubscribe feature.
  • Full audit-trail of CRM users
  • Quick View of the Contact and Account in the list for easy viewing
  • CRM+ module includes: Knowledge base and FAQ, Ticket System and more.
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