Targeted E-Mail Marketing

Affordable and Highly Effective

The Integrated email marketing feature with WebJaguar allows you to communicate with you customers in a smart way. For example on the Customer Manager, you could virtually search for any search filter criteria,

targeted e-mail marketing

and either instantly trigger to send mass email to the searched result, or you can choose to save the searched result to a specific customer group, which you can create unlimited customer groups. Now you can plan to send targeted mass email to each specific customer group with a specific email message. On

E-Mail Editor

you can create unlimited templates that you can use in various campaigns.

Similarly, you can search filter on anything on the Order Manager, including to see if a customer has purchased a specific SKU and again trigger a mass email campaign.

You can also use the mass email feature on the CRM module.

So the targeted email feature allows you to communicate with your customers by sending specific and targeted marketing messages that help you increase your sales and conversion, when you send a message that is targeted to the specific customer, the customer can relate to, and there is a higher chance for conversion.

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