Ecommerce Platform Modules for WebJaguar

Powerful ecommerce solutions made to grow your business.

Extend the power of your website by adding one of our Advanced Power Modules. Below you will find some of the most popular enhancements that can easily be added to your site. If you don't find the specific enhancement you are looking for, please contact us and we can develop a custom module just for you or even modify the behavior of an existing module to accommodate your specific needs. Currently the WebJaguar ecommerce platform has over 30 power modules that help you both grow your revenue AND automate better your business. Some of these modules are already bundled part of the main WebJaguar ecommerce solution offering.

Customization and Development

We constantly develop new features and powerful modules for WebJaguar.

Our in-house developers create new modules and customize existing ones for our clients every day. This way, we are capable to create affordable e-commerce solutions which are tailored to our clients needs.

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