Why WebJaguar?

Top 10 Reasons to use our B2B & B2C ECommerce Platform

WebJaguar is a powerful e-Commerce, sales, marketing and CRM platform that work together to drive more sales. It is also a perfect online catalog if you don't need a full eCommerce platform. It is very easy to use and manage, offers enterprise level functionality at a great price, and reduces costs by automating many business tasks. Others claim benefits, we deliver more sales.

10. Enterprise Level e-Commerce Solution

WebJaguar offers Enterprise Level e-Commerce at a fraction of the cost.

9. New Features

The WebJaguar ecommerce platform is constantly improving as new features are added monthly.

8. WebJaguar is scalable and customizable.

We will be configured to fit your specific business need quickly. You'll never need to switch to a new platform as you grow.

7. Advanced SEO tools

WebJaguar has advanced SEO tools to help you be indexed on search engines, Including dynamic meta tags, dynamic site map, mod-rewrite and google base.

6. Many Shopping Networks

WebJaguar has great outgoing data feeds to many shopping networks.

5. Highly Configurable

WebJaguar comes with hundreds of configurable features that offer great benefits to help you grow your business and over 30 modules that offer you great growth potential.

4. Increase Customer Conversions

WebJaguar helps you increase customer conversion and increases repeat customer purchases.

3. Increase Average Order Size

WebJaguar increases the average order size and reduces shopping cart abandonment.

2. Switching is Easy

WebJaguar is very easy to use and manage and comes with unlimited training. And best of all, has many easy and built-in migration tools that makes switching to WebJaguar an easy task.

1. The Human Factor

WebJaguar team offers one-on-one consultation. We understand your business and helping your business grow. You benefit from an expert business consultant at no extra cost. We have been helping businesses for over 10 years.

Switch to WebJaguar today and see the difference!

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