Case Study: Chocolate Octopus

WebJaguar offers Chocolate Octopus a Sweet Platform Solution

Chocolate Octopus


  • Needed to upgrade platform
  • Wanted features specific to their business
  • Needed weather information for deliveries


  • Contacted WebJaguar


  • Improved operations
  • Customizable functions improve efficiency, customer service
  • Minimal time required for management and maintenance of platform


"We've been very happy with the product.." --Victor Gonzales

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Chocolate Octopus has been creating great-tasting chocolates since 1982. Customers have come to expect not only quality products made from the finest ingredients, but also the ability to select their own special assortments of light and dark chocolate treats, personalized boxes and unique gift selections.

Much of this customization begins with the company's platform. "They had outgrown their previous system and were looking for something that would help them improve their operations," said Bachir Kassir, president of Advanced EMedia.

"We looked at all the features they had to offer, and decided to go with WebJaguar," said Chocolate Octopus owner Victor Gonzales. "We had very specific needs, particularly with shipping our products, and WebJaguar was able to deliver on everything we wanted."

At the top of that list was the company's Build-a-Box feature, that allows customers on the Chocolate Octopus website to select exactly which candies they want to include in their 12 or 24-count box of chocolates. With WebJaguar it was easy to build and configure this functionality. "Having that feature was an upgrade over what we had before," Gonzales said. "Now our customers can add the pieces they want at a fixed price."

Another concern was shipping chocolate, strawberries and other weather sensitive products to parts of the country where high or low temperatures could have an adverse effect on the delivery. "With WebJaguar, we were able to add a flag so when a customer selects any of these products, it would automatically force a next-day-air shipping," said Kassir. "We also added additional functionality to tap into the national temperature database to check conditions in each delivery destination, so the system would know when to place the trigger."

"The weather consideration was very important to us," Gonzales said. "Also, with WebJaguar our customers now have the ability to personalize each box of chocolates by choosing from a selection of colors and styles, and being able to add an inscription to each one."

Since the company works with wedding planners and wholesalers on special events, they also wanted a platform that would provide a different price list on products than the one offered to other customers. "The WebJaguar wholesaler module made this feature possible right out of the box," Kassir said.

"All of the features and the ease of use are why we chose WebJaguar," Gonzales adds. "We have been able to automate many of our daily tasks, on a platform that doesn't require a lot of time to manage and maintain. We're very happy with the product."

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