Case Study: Number 1 Direct

How Does Stay Number One?
With the Powerful Automation and Specialized Features of WebJaguar!

Number 1 Direct


  • Needed to update their platform
  • Wanted to automate several business processes • Needed efficient product data feed


  • Contacted AdvancedEMedia


  • A platform that grows with their business
  • Improved ease of use for customers


"We have been very impressed by their willingness to work with us and provide the support that we need." --Matt Wildhaber

Since 1951, Goedeker's has been a leading retailer of appliances, electronics and home furniture in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is known not only for its huge selection, but also for the knowledge, advice and service provided by an experienced sales team.

With the creation of in 2008, Goedeker's was able to bring its expansive inventory and product expertise to the rest of the United States. But with so many different products, it was essential to create a website that was easy for shoppers to navigate, so they could find the information they need and the company could deliver on its promise of "100% Satisfaction, Period".

"Our platform is our business," said Matt Wildhaber, head of website operations. "What we do on that platform is 90% of our total sales from both the brick and mortar store and online, so it's really driving our company at the moment."

Unfortunately, within one year the company had outgrown its original platform. "There were a combination of problems," Wildhaber recalled. "Our product files were getting very large, our traffic was increasing substantially, and the company that supplied our last platform was not prepared to grow with us."

That's when Number1Direct contacted AdvancedEMedia. "Number1Direct needed a platform that would grow as their business grew, without the need to be revised later," explained Bachir Kassir, president of AdvancedEMedia. "They needed a solid infrastructure that would support hundreds of orders a day, and specialized features such as advanced search filtering, and a choice of multiple payment methods for their customers. The features we added to their WebJaguar platform have helped them to grow and automate their business."

"Cost was also a factor," said Wildhaber of the decision to choose WebJaguar, "and the smooth integration with some of our suppliers. There are also great back-end features for customer management, invoicing and purchase orders. This kind of functionality provided a big benefit for us."

For a company as large as Number1Direct, an accurate and up-to-date data feed is critical. "We get a lot of product data from manufacturers and we have been very pleased with the way we have been able to import and present that data within the design of the site," Wildhaber said.

"We also we provide a feed to the various shopping engines out there for people searching for our products on such online marketplaces as Google, NexTag and". "With the WebJaguar platform we are able to update those every day, and it's a very simple process."

The transition process between platforms was handled without difficulty, and AdvancedEMedia was available to answer any questions and to make certain that the product was supporting the company's efforts in every way.

"Through every hurdle that we've come across, AdvancedEMedia has really partnered with us and helped us get to the next level," Wildhaber said. "We have been very impressed by their willingness to work with us and provide the support that we need, and with all of the advice we have received along the way. We're always getting good ideas from them."

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