Shopping Cart

WebJaguar has an advanced shopping cart functionality. Whether you are an emerging merchant, large online retailer, or a wholesaler, the WebJaguar shopping cart functionality can accommodate your business. Some features that are available include the following:

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Features

Up-sell and cross-sell on the shopping cart. Helps you increase your average order size

Recommended Items

• Shopping Cart Abandonment.
• Customers may use search filters that accommodate a wide variety of criteria.
• Trigger Email campaigns with cart content as a dynamic parameter.

Abandon Shopping Cart

Differnet Shipping Options for Product Groups

• Choose how to display different shipping costs for seperate groups of items.
• Some items may be UPS shippable; others may not.

Shipping Options

Multiple Check-Out Processes

Ability to divert the checkout process of the shopping cart to different paths. Helps you optimize your checkout for optimum conversion.

Checkout Switch

Ability to have a standard checkout process or, a reduced checkout process.


Ability to display items in a case pack, or box; for wholesale purposes.

Box Feature

Customizable Shopping Cart

• Ability to customize the layout of the shopping cart (e.g., customizable header and footer with dynamic elements).
• Ability to display the pictures of the items in the shopping cart.

Images in Shopping Cart

Ability to retain items on cart or not to retain them when updating the database, manually or from excel

Items on cart are saved indefinitely unless, you decide they should not be retained on an item by item basis

Ability to request a quote from items on cart

Ability to request a quote on an item by item basis

Cart can show all available promotion or not

Cart can have dynamic variable for personalization

Customers can login and see saved items on their cart so they can continue shopping

Customers can research products they want to buy, save them in a specific wish list group, and later can quickly convert saved items into items on the cart to finish the order

Products can have different pricing depending the customer and their price level. You can different pricing table as well as different pricing per customer per product

Ability to Attach files on checkout useful for many industries including ASI

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