Dynamic Website

Easy to use Content Management System

WebJaguar has advanced content management features that enable you to easily and on the fly add content, remove content, organize content dynamically from the database, put rules on certain content and more.

For instance, you can easily add a page or a category:

Add Category

You can easily associate products or listing to a specific page:

assigning a product to categories

You can easily add unlimited nested sub-categories:


You can on the fly change the layout of how these items and subcategories are displayed:

Layout Change

You can make certain content public or private. Private content can have up to 10 'membership' or 'protections' levels:

Protected Level

You can enable a specific customer to see or not to see one or more of the access levels. - Private area can be controlled on a category or a page, on a product, or on a specific custom fields within a product, and only 'members' can see that part of the content. When a page is private you have public data area (such as you need to be a member to see this content) and private data area.

WebJaguar comes with fully featured HTML editor, such as what you see is what you get, without any knowledge of coding, just like in a word processor document. In addition as an administrator you can add different users to your admin and you can control what they can manage.

You also have full tracking history and audit trail where all of the users went on your admin. The content management system also allows you to easily import and on the fly an online catalog and organize it in different ways.

You can easily create pages for news article and even PDF downloads. WebJaguar offers you advanced CMS functionality out of the box without any overhead in cost.

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