Manage Multiple Stores

This module allows you to manage multiple stores from one admin, with full control of store layout and behavior. You can also decide which products are displayed at each store. This module can be used for creating different stores selling different brands. A great tool for target marketing.


Some of the features of the Multi-Store module include:

  • Individualized design, layout, look, feel for each store.
  • Single registration: Customers who buy or register from one store do not have to register a second time on the other store pages. (This also allows you to do cross-marketing.)
  • Customized behavior and rules for each store.
  • Easily tracked sales.
  • Common merchant account for credit card processing for all stores.
  • Cross-Marketing: Products can be shared across different stores.
  • Central Admin Area: You can manage all of your stores from one admin area.
  • Simplified and organized database: You can have one product database, customer database and order database for all stores.
  • Individual domain names: Each store can have a separate domain name.
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